How to handle Events in Sitecore

Sitecore provides many ways to integrate own logic while executing specific actions. One of those ways is event handler.

1. Default Event Handler

Sitecore have per default some events which are defined in Sitecore.config configuration file.

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Add Export to File Functionality in Sitecore’s Search Options

This blog post is based on the Article Add Export to File Functionality in Sitecore’s Search Options by Dean Mark Soriano.

To follow this guidance as well as possible it is required that you have already completed the steps from this blog post:


Now we want to export the result list into an excel file.

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Customizing RTE functions according to user/role

In many cases, the customer want that some functionality in RTE are not accessible for some authors and accessible to the other. For safety reasons for example, it’s necessary to allow the Webmaster only the ability to insert links within rich text editor or to add images. In Sitecore it is possible and pretty easy to set access rights for some roles or users to read, write or edit some fields within a component.
In this article we will take a look how we could configure a rich text editor, the way that the role „User/Author“ will not be able to use the button „Insert Link“ while the Webmaster is allowed to use the „Insert Link“ button.

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Customized Sitecore Search View – List Buckets Values in Dynamic Placeholders

Many of you know this problem: We have a bucket containing items and we want to visualize the items in a list with all values and not only the standard properties like:

  • Template
  • Location
  • Version
  • Created
  • By
  • Language

The magic words to do this, is „Dynamic Placeholder“!


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Sitecore – Upgrade from Sitecore 6.6 to 8.2

First of all some words about Sitecore and Upgrades
When I was a beginner in Sitecore developement, the Sitecore world stands almost still for several months to years with the release of Sitecore 6.5.
So what I want to say with that is the product was more or less very stable with few small issues and no big need to update the solution for business or technical reasons.
What we did was creating wonderfull solutions without thinking to much about „how we will update/upgrade this in the future“. In my opinion Sitecore haven’t done the same in that dimension they have to do it now.
Often a Sitecore infrastructure consists of a single server instance with two – maybe three – environments (development and production) which was easy to maintain and handle.
Years go along management environements separate from delivery machines more and more, single server instances disappear in many cases to high scalable solutions with multiple servers for webapplications, sql servers, mongodb instances. Publishing instances and third party products not included.
On the other hand, we all get a little bit older: the employees searched for new challenges in other companies and you remember them only from some years ago.

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NitroNet and NitroNet for Sitecore 1.1.1 Released

We at Namics are pleased to announce a new stable release of NitroNet and NitroNet for Sitecore. If you have never heard of NitroNet (for Sitecore) you can check out this link and this one. In the last 12 months we have … Weiterlesen

Sitecore PowerShell Extensions – Fieldtype Source Report

SPE Fieldtype Report

Sitecore Template Felder besitzen über das Source Feld zusätzliche Konfigurationen die Feldtyp spezifisch sind. Oft handelt es sich dabei um Referenzen auf einen Pfad, ein bestimmtes Item oder eine Auswahl von Items (Sitecore Query). Ein oft verwendetes Beispiel wäre das … Weiterlesen

Adventtipp 23 – Copy Page To Versions – eine Hilfe für Content Editoren

  Will man als Autor eine neue Sprachversion einer Seite anlegen, kann das ein grösseres Unterfangen sein. Die finalen Renderings und alle verknüpften Datasources müssen für die entsprechende Version angelegt werden. Da würde man sich wünschen, man könnte einfach die eine Sprachversion … Weiterlesen

Adventtipp 20 – Sitecore & Lucene search auto-complete using NGram

Dieser Artikel beschäftigt sich mit der Frage, wie man eine saubere auto-complete Suche mit der Sitecore.ContentSearch in Verbindung mit Lucene implementieren kann. Dabei wird auf n-grams zurückgegriffen, welche eine gute Performance gewährleisten.

Adventtipp 11 – Admin Page im Sitecore Look&Feel mit CSV Export

  Wir kennen es alle! Eine zweckmässige Admin-Page ist schnell erstellt, sieht aber ohne Stylesheets hässlich aus. Mit nur wenigen Anpassungen ist es möglich der Seite ein wenig Anmut zu verpassen. Hinter Tür Nummer 11 findet ihr eine Anleitung für … Weiterlesen