Prereleases for NitroNet 2.0.0 & NitroNetSitecore 2.1.0 available now!

With extensive updates to the documentation, some small code fixes and improvements, the 2.0.0 version of NitroNet introduces also a brand-new feature called Additional Arguments which allows to be more flexible and more compatible with the handlebars templates created with Nitro by the friendly frontend engineer of your choice. Weiterlesen

NitroNet and NitroNet for Sitecore 1.1.1 Released

We at Namics are pleased to announce a new stable release of NitroNet and NitroNet for Sitecore. If you have never heard of NitroNet (for Sitecore) you can check out this link and this one. In the last 12 months we have … Weiterlesen