Sitecore Docker – How to Set the License for Sitecore 9.3 containers?

Nowadays, we can run Sitecore in Docker containers so that we don’t need to use Sitecore SIF anymore – jus run docker-compose! Thanks to Sitecore Docker GitHub which made this possible! Nevertheless, you still need a Sitecore license to run Sitecore in Docker containers.

If you are reading this article because you are getting Sitecore license error – jump straight to „Setting Sitecore Licence for Sitecore 9.3.0 Docker Containers“ section.

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Sitecore Forms – FAQ


Sitecore Forms has been released with Sitecore 9. Since the release, we have applied Sitecore Forms in multiple projects and extend a lot of functions of Sitecore Forms for serving the requirements of the customers.
The official documentation of the Sitecore Form can be found here. In this blog post, I would like to summarize the most FAQs when we start to work with Sitecore Forms

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Sitecore Content Hub at first glance

What is Sitecore Content Hub? Sitecore acquired DAM product a while ago. With that purchase, Sitecore made their way into a new business area and extended its product portfolio with the product that focuses on the content creation lifecycle. … Weiterlesen

Prereleases for NitroNet 2.0.0 & NitroNetSitecore 2.1.0 available now!

With extensive updates to the documentation, some small code fixes and improvements, the 2.0.0 version of NitroNet introduces also a brand-new feature called Additional Arguments which allows to be more flexible and more compatible with the handlebars templates created with Nitro by the friendly frontend engineer of your choice. Weiterlesen

How to create a simple SXA component

SXA contains the Toolbox feature, which provides Authors the possibility to drag and drop several components in order to add it to pages in the Experience Editor. You can also create a custom component and use it in the Toolbox like … Weiterlesen

Sitecore Usergroup Deutschland-Treffen in Nürnberg vom 08.11.2018

Das 12. Treffen der Sitecore Usergroup Deutschland (SUGDE) seit deren Gründung in 2015 fand in der gut ausgewählten Location „Design Offices Nürnberg“ statt, welches unmittelbar nahe dem Hauptbahnhof und der schönen Altstadt liegt. Schon am Abend davor berichteten Jana und … Weiterlesen

Uniquely identify your dynamic placeholders in Sitecore 9

Sitecore 9 introduced the dynamic placeholder feature. Please follow the official documentation for more information about when and how to use it.

The problem with the default dynamic placeholders

At first glance, the new dynamic placeholders look very straightforward. Basically, we provide an integer which is the amount of placeholders that should be rendered. Additionally, we can define the seed which indicates the starting value that is used for key generation (see example below). Also the markup customization possibilities are quite nice. However, when I used it in a project I ran into a problem that made me realize that the simple mechanism comes with a huge downside.

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Dependency Injection with Autofac

Dependencies Injection is a pattern which could be very helpful to create a maintainable and a less complex code. It is a form of IoC (Inversion of Control). The aim of this pattern is to give away the responsibility to instance some objects within own code. That means we don’t need to take care of, how, when and where we create an instance of an object. Also you have the possibility to mock up the interfaces and services in order to create unit tests. If you once understand it, you will never want to code without it again.

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