Über Oliver Raduner

Executing Sitecore projects for the clients of Namics since 2012. Oliver helped many clients launching their websites successfully with Sitecore and is continuously supporting them as a Sitecore consultant for technical & business aspects. Oliver is head of the Sitecore team at Namics responsible for continuously developing, improving & enhancing various large client solutions and was honoured as Sitecore MVP Ambassador 2019 in Switzerland.

Analysis of an issue with Sitecore AccessResultCache running full and being cleared continuously despite large cache size

Disaster girl meme adapted for explaining impact of expensive Sitecore item query on AccessResultCache

We recently had a situation, where we quickly had to grab a virtual whip in order to tame the Sitecore AccessResultCache from going crazy – in terms of reaching it’s allocated size within seconds and thus being constantly cleared by Sitecore.Caching.Generics.Cache

Previewing component personalization conditions in Sitecore Experience Editor not working

Teaser showing a Sitecore component personalization condition preview not working

You may be working with personalization conditions on components in the Sitecore Experience Editor, and when trying to preview any of your condition rules – simply nothing changes.

Delivering multilingual content using Sitecore: the right content in the right language for your visitors

Sitecore Delivering Right Content in Right Language - Teaser

This article describes a working approach and use case for evaluating your website visitors country and language preferences, in order to deliver them the right content in the right language using the Sitecore Experience Platform. Weiterlesen

Boosting international targeted SEO for your website using Sitecore

Global multilanguage and multicountry websites with Sitecore - International targeted SEO

In this article we do a deep-dive focusing on how to achieve great international targeted SEO by using the Sitecore Experience Platform‘s multilanguage capabilities. Weiterlesen

Basic concepts & principles for building global multi-language and multi-country websites using Sitecore

Global multilanguage and multicountry websites with Sitecore - Teaser

Conceptual thoughts and recommendations for building globally focused websites based on the Sitecore Experience Platform with multiple languages and country cultures. Consider this a non conclusive compilation of learnings and recommendations from our experience building such web platforms since many years. (Part 1 of a series) Weiterlesen

How to resolve an Application Cache System.NullReferenceException in Sitecore.Speak.Client

Sitecore Log Analyzer Icon

The situation One of our clients reported recently, that the content managers started to be affected by a situation, where they were… not able to fully load the Sitecore Experience Editor anymore (stuck with the spinning loading-icon) and also weren’t … Weiterlesen

Adventtipp 8 – Was sind Final und Shared Layouts in Sitecore 8?


„Sollen auf unseren mehrsprachigen Seiten alle Elemente immer identisch angelegt sein, oder erlauben wir pro Sprachversion einer Seite unterschiedliche Darstellungen des Inhalts?„ Auf diese zentrale Fragestellung – welche durchaus oft in Projekten von den Contentverantwortlichen gestellt wird – hat Sitecore … Weiterlesen